Friday, July 3, 2009

Salvation: Exam yourselve

I thought I was a believer in the Messiah for many years.. He was always in my life but definitely taking the back seat. I did not agree with many things in the bible but did acknowledge my need for a savior. My behavior was not right before God and my life was my own. My sin was overwhelming me.. It was getting easier and easier to not live according to Gods laws which I did not really know anyway. The bible was quickly only becoming a 'suggestion' for living. I was finally confronted with my lack of christian walk and faith in Gods word. I had started to doubt I was saved.. I then decided to trust in Him for my salvation and make him the Lord of my life. I asked God to change my mind to made it agree with his. I had thought he did. I started to have joy in my life for the first time.. like.. ever. Then doubts started..
Was it real..??

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