Sunday, July 5, 2009

Contemplating Baptism

Well... the church I am attending is having a baptism in at the end of the month.. The question is: should I get baptized? It does say in the scripture repent and be baptized in the name of the Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins..

The issue is:: I have been baptized before... several times in fact
1. Church in Anaheim: as a teenager... of course.. this was a cult.. I called on the name of the Lord and was 'saved'.. Didn't really know who Jesus was or what he did for me..But I was a follower of Witness Lee because I liked the feeling of belonging.
2. messianic congregation: because know I knew I needed a savior... Yeshua..Jesus as the messiah.. who was definitely not my Lord.
3. mikvah: as a conservative jewish convert at the University of Judaism..It was supposedly as 'spiritual' cleansing.. immerse naked in the water.. fully 3 times, say some prayers, woman was present as well to make sure I fully went under as some rabbi's (behind a wall) to witness the act.
4. fundamentalist baptist: because I acknowledge again my need for a savior and that my following of the jewish faith was flawed.. I was also told now that I was 'saved' I needed to be a member of the church. Members had to be baptized. Jesus was not my Lord then as well.

So... should I or shouldn't I? Also.. I attend this HUGE Harvest Bible Chapel and do not really know anyone that well. I have started to make a few friends. You are supposed to go to the front and talk with a elder about it.. do they know how awkward this is or scary? These people do not know me.. Should I wait for 100% assurance that this time it is for real? Pastors... they intimidate me...

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